Torchbearer AP (Session 14) – First Respite

Date: 3/9/2023
Players: Charlie – Lorne, Max – Gerald, Aaron – Ivy, Joe – Varg

New Traits:
Lorne – Zealous
Gerald – Devil May Care
Ivy – Heart of Battle
Varg – Scarred

New Wises:
Lorne – Blood Cult Wise
Gerald – Mark Wise
Ivy – Dwarf Wise
Varg – Devil Summoning Wise

Lorne – “Long Pole Lorne”
Gerald – “Lil Rascal”
Ivy – “The Blood Raven”
Varg – “The Burned”

Lorne – Spread the cult of the Blood Raven
Gerald – Sucker born every minute
Ivy – People of true worth take justice into their own hands
Varg – Gorm the Boneless and his followers must be purged from the lands

Current Enemies:
Lorne – Daan the fighting trainer (from Sunnas)
Gerald – Hanno the Town Guard (from Sunnas)
Gerald – Dvalin the Dwarf Adventurer (from Veihus)
Ivy – Dabne the Riverlands Bounder
Varg – Hall the Magician

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