Torchbearer AP (Session 10)

Date: 1.26.2023


Charlie – Lorne
Aaron – Ivy
Joe – Varg
Max – Gerald

Adventure Phase

Rivaux Abbey, Yorkshire 1812 Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851 Presented by A. Acland Allen through the Art Fund 1925

The players began in the baths. They explored the room and saw a small access door in the corner. Opening it, they heard gurgling water in the next room. They proceeded into the room and found a large stone cistern filled with near-boiling volcanic water. A small ladder led to an access hatch above. Ivy went up the ladder, opened the door, and saw a large hall filled with marble columns and ornate classical statues. An owl landed in an alcove across the hall, hooting loudly. Ivy looked towards it and noticed a glimmer coming from the neck of a larger statue in the center of the hall.

Gerald looped Ivy’s rope around the top rung of the ladder, and the group descended into the hall. Varg inspected the nearest statue, trying to read the inscription that seemed to be in a dead language.

Turn One – Scholar (ob 1) – Success

Varg was able to discern that the statues were all of famous healers and doctors from ancient times.

While Varg was reading the plinth, the halflings proceeded towards the statue in the center of the hall where Ivy had seen the glimmer. The statue was about nine feet tall, with a large diamond pendant hanging around her neck. She appeared to depict a goddess.

Lorne and Gerald hatched a plan, Lorne stood on Geralds shoulders and attempted to use his spear to lift the necklace off of the statue. Lorne dropped his backpack onto the ground to make the attempt easier, and Gerald put aside his spear.

Turn Two – Laborer (ob 2) – Fail

Unfortunately, Gerald was unused to this form of work and wavered. The spear contacted the statue, who in response shoved the two thieves down. They tumbled to the ground as the statue woke up from its prolonged sleep. The halflings groveled for mercy, but the statue was deaf to their pleas. She screamed in confusion, rage, and pain – the profound sound echoing throughout the temple. After this shock, the party ran for the door of the hall – leaving behind the pack and spear.

The party escaped out of the temple room, looking back to see the statue struggling to free her feet from the plinth. They quickly discussed their options, and decided to hide from the statue in the magical fog below them. They saw the owl flying nearby again, as it descended into the fog bank.

The statue freed herself, and the party held hands to descend into the fog. Attempting to hide from the statue briefly, intending to go back for their pack and spear.

Turn Three – Will Test (ob 3) – Lorne Passed, Others Failed

After entering the fog, the members each heard alluring calls from different directions. They tried to keep holding hands, but each pulled in a different direction. Soon each adventurer found themselves alone in the fog, not remembering clearly when they had lost the hand of their friends. After a time, each adventurer stumbled into a door in the fog. The door was of blackened burned wood, with a round handle in the center of the door. The frame was of heavy granite stones.

Each adventurer stepped through the door, and after stepping into blackness they had the sensation of being in the branches of a swamp tree. They looked at their bodies, and saw that they had become birds.

Lorne’s Memory

We looked down into the swamp near Fencott and saw young Lorne on the back of his father’s skiff. His father was poling through the fog, complaining about the unfairness of life and how the fishermen’s guild would not allow him to sell fish in town. Young Lorne stared idly off into the distance, but was interrupted from his reverie when the skiff lurched and he heard a heavy splash. He turned to see that a swamp gator had disturbed the boat, and his father had fallen into the water below.

His father briefly cried out for help, but the gator closed its jaws and Lorne saw his father dragged into the depths amidst a cloud of bloody water. Lorne stood shocked for a long time, but his father did not emerge.

Eventually, Lorne had the wherewithal to try to pole back to town.

Turn Four – Sailor Test (ob 2) – Lorne Failed

Young Lorne got lost in the swamp, poling aimlessly until long after sunset. He eventually found a small island with a strong willow tree and an abandoned fox den. He crawled into the shelter of the fox den, sobbing and sodden.

Ivy’s Memory

We took flight, entering a dark swampy fog and emerging on a sunny day above a halfling village nested atop a hillock – Hymoor. We descended and saw Ivy on the day that she became a Bounder of Hymoor. This day of celebration in honor of the new recruits was turned, as Ivy became aware that the mayor of the town was involved in some dirty dealing with the dwarves of the nearby mountain.

Ivy confronted the mayor about his indiscretions, and refused to listen to his reasons or threats. She went about town, spreading news of his deceit and misdeeds. Going to her own parents first, to convince them that the mayor needed to be stopped.

Turn Five – Persuasion Test (ob 3) – Failed

Ivy’s mother scolded her for stirring up trouble where she had no proof of misdeeds. She said that the town needed unity at a time like this, not for rumors of indiscretion. The bird saw Ivy go off, in panic trying to convince others of the mayors crime. We then saw Ivy’s mother slip into the mayor’s tower. She told him of Ivy’s actions, clarifying that the mother is also involved in the smuggling operation, and suggested that Ivy be sent away from town before she could discover that the mayor was actually her father.

Gerald’s Memory

We flew from Hymoor to the neighboring town of Noke, a busy crossroads where Gerald’s friend had just been given a large bag of coins to take to a nearby garrison of rangers. The friend trusted Gerald to help him keep the coins safe, but as soon as he fell asleep Gerald took the coins. Gerald went gambling, proud that he finally had enough coins to go to the high rollers table.

Turn Six – Criminal Versus Test – Failed

He gambled all night, winning enough to keep hope but still gradually losing every coin. In disbelief, he begged for mercy, but the gamblers laughed at him and threw him out of the tavern.

Varg’s Memory

Finally, we followed the river all the way down to the south coast. We saw a young war orphan, Varg, sold to the wizard in the nearby Gymirtårn. The wizard worked him to the bone, cruelly demanding perfection and hours of service. When Varg would disappoint him, he would torment him with cruel spells. We saw the wizard demand Varg’s help in gathering alchemical components.

Turn Seven – Alchemist Test Ob 3 – Failed

Unfortunately, Varg did not remember exactly how to harvest and transport the components. He disappointed the wizard, who sent him cruelly to his room without food. In his room, Varg was tormented by ghostly whispers around him and the occasional loud noise that seemed to come from just behind him. With this torment, sleep eluded him and he suffered in quiet agony.

Camp Phase

The adventurers emerged from this strange trip through their memories, finally free from the temple and it’s enchanted fog. They tried to make an unsafe wilderness camp, but unfortunately some wandering monsters appeared nearby. Gerald and Lorne decided to keep watch, so they were wise to the arrival of these newcomers. A raft of beastmen landed on the island, with two captive prisoners. The beastmen led the prisoners towards the temple, and the party tried to hide from them.

Check One – Sneaky Nature Versus Test – Gerald Passed

Gerald and Lorne were able to hide the party in an alcove as the beastmen marched their captives past. After the beastmen entered the temple, the party made camp.

Lorne’s Instinct – Hunter (ob 3) – Failed

Lorne went down to the water and attempted to capture a small flock of waterfowl. He made too much noise, scaring them off before he could set his snare.

Gerald’s Instinct – Cook (ob 3) – Succeeded

Gerald prepared a preserved ration and shared it with the group.

Check Two – Varg Afraid Recovery Roll – Failed

Varg tried to overcome his fear, but failed.

Torchbearer AP (Session 9)

Players: Joe – Varg, Charlie – Lorne, Aaron – Ivy

Adventure Phase

Turn 10 – Health Test (ob 1) – Whole Party Succeeds

The party forced scribe Folbert to open the chest of Magister Blanc. The scribe does so, but it triggers an explosive trap which kills him outright. The trap creates enough heat to destroy the documents in the chest. Inside is a large, heavy lump of metals which have fused together into an amalgam of gold and silver.

Turn 11 – Survival Test to Make Camp (ob 3) – Lorne Fails

With two checks and a number of conditions, the party decided to get ready to camp. Unfortunately as Lorne was securing the doors in the wizards dungeon, he overheard the approaching sounds of two dwarfs – Vili and Geror. He gathered that they were bringing food to the wizard.

Turn 12 – Manipulate Test to Make the Dwarfs Leave (vs. Will 4) – Ivy Succeeds

Without opening the door, Ivy used her feminine voice to persuade the dwarfs that the wizard was indisposed at the moment. He told them to return the next day instead. The dwarfs seemed perplexed, but were seemingly accustomed to the wizard acting in ways illogical and imperceptible. They complied by leaving, complaining about it on their way out.

Turn 13 – Scavenger Test to find a Bottle of Wine (ob 2) – Lorne Succeeds

Lorne searched the wizard’s dungeon finding a larder that is nearly bare of all stocks. He managed to find one wine bottle, and used it to refill his wineskin. He shared the remaining ration with Ivy.

Turn 14 – Varg Attempts to Heal Willa (ob 3) – Varg Fails

Before camping, the party decided to check behind the remaining door in the wizard’s chamber. They found an old hallway that seemingly had collapsed long ago. In the rear of the hall, near the rubble of collapse, the found Ivy’s childhood friend Willa chained to the wall. She seemed seriously injured and on the brink of death, unable to talk much and mistaking the party for the Wizard. Varg channeled his energies to heal her, but overexerted himself. He ended up transferring his vital strength to her, but became sick in the process.

Camp Phase

Camp Event Roll – a bottle/jug/vial breaks

The only vial that the party had was being held by Lorne. It was the bottle that made rats go berserk, they had taken it from the yellow man. When it broke, the party held their bated breaths – in mere moments they picked up the distant sounds of a rat horde making haste towards them. The party broke camp, carried Willa with them, and charged for the cliff face to climb out of the dungeon. They climbed the rope back up to the dias above, but the rats were on their heels. They ran up the stairs into an unexplored room, which turned out to be a hot bath. Lorne jumped into the water, and this seemed to dissipate the strength of the potion. The rats did not follow. The party camped in the bath instead.

Camp Turn 1 – Ivy Recovers from Angry

Camp Turn 2 – Lorne Recovers from Angry

Torchbearer AP (Sessions 5-8)

Session 5 (11/3/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Varg and Ivy arrive at the plague armory, scare off the giant centipede, and scavenge for supplies. In armory, they found a spear. In the infirmary, they found a surgeon kit. They find the yellow robed man dancing in the mess hall.

Session 6 (12/8/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

The players chase the yellow robed man, catch him in a hidden stairwell, and get his story from him. They search the hallway and find a hidden door – containing a golden ring and “the blood axe.” They explored the map room, but it was full of rats. The yellow man broke a vial of red powder, which drove the rats into a frenzy. The party escaped the dungeon, running from the rats. They reported back to Svana Goldnose and received some silver.

Session 7 (12/15/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Max

  • Visited Sunnas – Spring Festival
    • Lorne failed a barter 3 test
    • Varg passed a healer 1 test, making a poultice for Gerald
    • Gerald passed a health 3 test – recovering from exhausted and staying at the inn
    • Lorne and Varg slept on the streets
  • Tollgate
    • Lorne and Varge passed their resources tests
    • Gerald failed his resources 3 test, making a new enemy – the guard
  • On the road
    • Varg used Arcanist instead of cartographer 4 to scry the location of Gorm the Boneless, he failed his roll – succeeding with the injured condition – arcane burns on his arms
    • Lorne made a pathfinder test to get to the tower Svartarn, failed. The party came upon a waylaid ox-cart who’s driver spat in Lorne’s face.
    • Gerald succeeded at convincing the driver to travel with the party to Veihus. – manipulate versus 
  • Camp
    • Lorne caught some rabbits with snares – hunter 2 success
    • Gerald preserved them into rations – cook 3 success
    • Varg rested, but was unable to recover from his injuries – health 4 fail

Session 8 (1/12/2023)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Adventure Phase:

  1. Will test – The players investigate three bodies on the shore, roll to resist the pull from the crescent island. Gerald fails.
  2. Scavenger test – Lorne tries to craft a raft but fails, gets angry at his companions for failing to help.
  3. Health test – Lorne, Ivy, and Varg swim to the island to chase Gerald
  4. Scavenger test – Gerald searches in the ruins, looking for loot. He finds a scroll, black candles, and an incense censor.
  5. Scholar test – Varg reads the scroll, learns that a blood ritual has fueled the fog and it will keep them lost in the ruins.
  6. Dungeoneer test – Gerald climbs down a rope to see if there is anything below the dias. He finds a balcony.
  7. Sneak test – Gerald and Lorne try to sneak up on the wizard in the dungeon.
  8. Persuasion test – Lorne fails to convince the wizard that they mean no harm
  9. Fighter test – Ivy kills the wizard with her blood axe.