Ice Floes of Stygia – One Page Prep

Map of the Harbor town of Izotz

The Keep of Izotz
Five frost-rimed towers pierce the lightning-filled sky
– Battle plans and quality salvage from the great war

The Gates of Memory
An icy bridge crosses the memory-killing River Styx
– Vigilant guards monitor infamous river of the dead

The Mausoleum of the Damned
Lost souls emerge soaked, regretting forgotten sins
– Ghoulish shambling husks, fodder for the great war

The Ice Harbor
Ice-breakers crewed by brine devils & drowned souls
– Unloading leviathan oil, giant squid, and shark fins

The Balefire Lighthouse
Blue flames circles the highest floor, a baleful glare
– Flames guide lost ships and lost souls to harbor

The Lord’s Monolith
Carved from black ice, a blinking blue eye at its peak
– Frozen Lord telepathically monitors his realm

The Obelisk of Doors
Obsidian stone, each side a portal to a distant plane
– Devils never let a soul depart intact and unsworn

The Memorial of Forgotten Lives
Etchings from travelers, damned souls, and the lost
– Names and deeds that have been forgotten by all

Threats in the Stygian Harbor of Izotz:
– Salt-frozen winds flay frostbitten skin and chill the bone
– Gangs of damned souls and frigid planars control streets
– Thick skinned neanderthal fishmongers filet sea monsters
– Baatezu monitor the portals, demand heavy toll to enter
– Barbed devils patrol imperiously as corrupt guards
– Frost giant mercenaries and shamans barter with devils
– Brutal white abishi and erudite blue abishi marshall forces
– Frozen Lord rules from his iceberg tomb beneath waves

By Max VanderheydenHex Kit Map – Play with Portal Rats

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The Arctic Trail – One Page Prep

The Keep
Summer hunting fortress of a distant prideful lord.

  • Iron-barred gates, deep claw gouges in the wood
  • Rear wall was partially collapsed by a rock slide
  • Pristine trophies decorate the inner chambers
  • Hunting tapestries depict all manner of beasts

Prospector Camp
Spruce-pole longhouse near a mountain stream.

  • Frozen sluice box glimmers with bits of gold dust
  • Scattered remains of prospectors long decayed
  • Buried stashes, a dwarf might smell out the gold
  • Gold is haunted, unless burial rites are performed

The Tower
Biting winds howl through the broken battlements.

  • Diabolist dwells here to study the ancient portal
  • Eternal fires burn in volcanic hearths on each floor
  • Bound blue imp deters visitors, loathes
  • Dozens of journals describe the Stygian realm

The Stones
Obsidian slabs stark against a snowy embankment.

  • Ancient hell portal rimed with icy Stygian runes
  • Frigid wind carries whispers from the fifth hell
  • Hoarfrost blights the hillock around the stones
  • Remnants of a recent blood ritual on an icy table

Dangers along the trail:
Yeti Stalker – lurking in the snow, looking to prey on the weak
Woolly Rhinoceros – digging for roughage below the snow
Icy Demon – trap those in cold, promise safety for a pittance
Blizzard – frozen sleet and hail batter those without shelter
Avalanche – pummel and suffocate everything in the path

Adventure Prep PDF: The Arctic Trail
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