Torchbearer AP (Session 13)

Date: 3/2/2023
Players: Joe – Varg, Max – Gerald, Charlie – Lorne

The halflings were rewarded for helping the elf. Gerald received a spear, Ivy a hatchet, and Lorne a leaf that can turn into a boat.

The blue demon was freed after the death of the Archon. Varg witnessed the demon slay all the dwarfs in the armory, seemingly poisoned or diseased – bleeding from their eyes and ears. Varg was given a silver bell and told to leave.

Varg met back up with the halflings. They cut the dwarfish boat free from the moorings and sailed to the edge of the lake. They made camp. Gerald stole some coins from a passing merchant.

Torchbearer AP (Sessions 5-8)

Session 5 (11/3/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Varg and Ivy arrive at the plague armory, scare off the giant centipede, and scavenge for supplies. In armory, they found a spear. In the infirmary, they found a surgeon kit. They find the yellow robed man dancing in the mess hall.

Session 6 (12/8/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

The players chase the yellow robed man, catch him in a hidden stairwell, and get his story from him. They search the hallway and find a hidden door – containing a golden ring and “the blood axe.” They explored the map room, but it was full of rats. The yellow man broke a vial of red powder, which drove the rats into a frenzy. The party escaped the dungeon, running from the rats. They reported back to Svana Goldnose and received some silver.

Session 7 (12/15/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Max

  • Visited Sunnas – Spring Festival
    • Lorne failed a barter 3 test
    • Varg passed a healer 1 test, making a poultice for Gerald
    • Gerald passed a health 3 test – recovering from exhausted and staying at the inn
    • Lorne and Varg slept on the streets
  • Tollgate
    • Lorne and Varge passed their resources tests
    • Gerald failed his resources 3 test, making a new enemy – the guard
  • On the road
    • Varg used Arcanist instead of cartographer 4 to scry the location of Gorm the Boneless, he failed his roll – succeeding with the injured condition – arcane burns on his arms
    • Lorne made a pathfinder test to get to the tower Svartarn, failed. The party came upon a waylaid ox-cart who’s driver spat in Lorne’s face.
    • Gerald succeeded at convincing the driver to travel with the party to Veihus. – manipulate versus 
  • Camp
    • Lorne caught some rabbits with snares – hunter 2 success
    • Gerald preserved them into rations – cook 3 success
    • Varg rested, but was unable to recover from his injuries – health 4 fail

Session 8 (1/12/2023)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Adventure Phase:

  1. Will test – The players investigate three bodies on the shore, roll to resist the pull from the crescent island. Gerald fails.
  2. Scavenger test – Lorne tries to craft a raft but fails, gets angry at his companions for failing to help.
  3. Health test – Lorne, Ivy, and Varg swim to the island to chase Gerald
  4. Scavenger test – Gerald searches in the ruins, looking for loot. He finds a scroll, black candles, and an incense censor.
  5. Scholar test – Varg reads the scroll, learns that a blood ritual has fueled the fog and it will keep them lost in the ruins.
  6. Dungeoneer test – Gerald climbs down a rope to see if there is anything below the dias. He finds a balcony.
  7. Sneak test – Gerald and Lorne try to sneak up on the wizard in the dungeon.
  8. Persuasion test – Lorne fails to convince the wizard that they mean no harm
  9. Fighter test – Ivy kills the wizard with her blood axe.