Torchbearer AP (Sessions 5-8)

Session 5 (11/3/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Varg and Ivy arrive at the plague armory, scare off the giant centipede, and scavenge for supplies. In armory, they found a spear. In the infirmary, they found a surgeon kit. They find the yellow robed man dancing in the mess hall.

Session 6 (12/8/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

The players chase the yellow robed man, catch him in a hidden stairwell, and get his story from him. They search the hallway and find a hidden door – containing a golden ring and “the blood axe.” They explored the map room, but it was full of rats. The yellow man broke a vial of red powder, which drove the rats into a frenzy. The party escaped the dungeon, running from the rats. They reported back to Svana Goldnose and received some silver.

Session 7 (12/15/22)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Max

  • Visited Sunnas – Spring Festival
    • Lorne failed a barter 3 test
    • Varg passed a healer 1 test, making a poultice for Gerald
    • Gerald passed a health 3 test – recovering from exhausted and staying at the inn
    • Lorne and Varg slept on the streets
  • Tollgate
    • Lorne and Varge passed their resources tests
    • Gerald failed his resources 3 test, making a new enemy – the guard
  • On the road
    • Varg used Arcanist instead of cartographer 4 to scry the location of Gorm the Boneless, he failed his roll – succeeding with the injured condition – arcane burns on his arms
    • Lorne made a pathfinder test to get to the tower Svartarn, failed. The party came upon a waylaid ox-cart who’s driver spat in Lorne’s face.
    • Gerald succeeded at convincing the driver to travel with the party to Veihus. – manipulate versus 
  • Camp
    • Lorne caught some rabbits with snares – hunter 2 success
    • Gerald preserved them into rations – cook 3 success
    • Varg rested, but was unable to recover from his injuries – health 4 fail

Session 8 (1/12/2023)
Players: Joe, Charlie, Aaron, Max

Adventure Phase:

  1. Will test – The players investigate three bodies on the shore, roll to resist the pull from the crescent island. Gerald fails.
  2. Scavenger test – Lorne tries to craft a raft but fails, gets angry at his companions for failing to help.
  3. Health test – Lorne, Ivy, and Varg swim to the island to chase Gerald
  4. Scavenger test – Gerald searches in the ruins, looking for loot. He finds a scroll, black candles, and an incense censor.
  5. Scholar test – Varg reads the scroll, learns that a blood ritual has fueled the fog and it will keep them lost in the ruins.
  6. Dungeoneer test – Gerald climbs down a rope to see if there is anything below the dias. He finds a balcony.
  7. Sneak test – Gerald and Lorne try to sneak up on the wizard in the dungeon.
  8. Persuasion test – Lorne fails to convince the wizard that they mean no harm
  9. Fighter test – Ivy kills the wizard with her blood axe.

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