Torchbearer AP (Session 9)

Players: Joe – Varg, Charlie – Lorne, Aaron – Ivy

Adventure Phase

Turn 10 – Health Test (ob 1) – Whole Party Succeeds

The party forced scribe Folbert to open the chest of Magister Blanc. The scribe does so, but it triggers an explosive trap which kills him outright. The trap creates enough heat to destroy the documents in the chest. Inside is a large, heavy lump of metals which have fused together into an amalgam of gold and silver.

Turn 11 – Survival Test to Make Camp (ob 3) – Lorne Fails

With two checks and a number of conditions, the party decided to get ready to camp. Unfortunately as Lorne was securing the doors in the wizards dungeon, he overheard the approaching sounds of two dwarfs – Vili and Geror. He gathered that they were bringing food to the wizard.

Turn 12 – Manipulate Test to Make the Dwarfs Leave (vs. Will 4) – Ivy Succeeds

Without opening the door, Ivy used her feminine voice to persuade the dwarfs that the wizard was indisposed at the moment. He told them to return the next day instead. The dwarfs seemed perplexed, but were seemingly accustomed to the wizard acting in ways illogical and imperceptible. They complied by leaving, complaining about it on their way out.

Turn 13 – Scavenger Test to find a Bottle of Wine (ob 2) – Lorne Succeeds

Lorne searched the wizard’s dungeon finding a larder that is nearly bare of all stocks. He managed to find one wine bottle, and used it to refill his wineskin. He shared the remaining ration with Ivy.

Turn 14 – Varg Attempts to Heal Willa (ob 3) – Varg Fails

Before camping, the party decided to check behind the remaining door in the wizard’s chamber. They found an old hallway that seemingly had collapsed long ago. In the rear of the hall, near the rubble of collapse, the found Ivy’s childhood friend Willa chained to the wall. She seemed seriously injured and on the brink of death, unable to talk much and mistaking the party for the Wizard. Varg channeled his energies to heal her, but overexerted himself. He ended up transferring his vital strength to her, but became sick in the process.

Camp Phase

Camp Event Roll – a bottle/jug/vial breaks

The only vial that the party had was being held by Lorne. It was the bottle that made rats go berserk, they had taken it from the yellow man. When it broke, the party held their bated breaths – in mere moments they picked up the distant sounds of a rat horde making haste towards them. The party broke camp, carried Willa with them, and charged for the cliff face to climb out of the dungeon. They climbed the rope back up to the dias above, but the rats were on their heels. They ran up the stairs into an unexplored room, which turned out to be a hot bath. Lorne jumped into the water, and this seemed to dissipate the strength of the potion. The rats did not follow. The party camped in the bath instead.

Camp Turn 1 – Ivy Recovers from Angry

Camp Turn 2 – Lorne Recovers from Angry

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