Torchbearer AP (Session 17)

Date: 4/13/2023
Characters: Lorne, Varg

Varg follows the trail left by Gerald and Lorne, making his way into the cave. Lorne licks a toad, starts hallucinating. Varg also licks the toad.

The six corpses are singing, now they can see both the corpses and also the spirits which appear as they did in life. The spirits lead them down a hallway to where a golden gong rests on a dais. The spirits present the party with a shadow-puppet performance. The story they tell is how they were betrayed by Gorm the Boneless into giving him their magical powers.

They tell the party that to defeat Gorm, they must find the spell which will undo the binding. They tell the party to proceed to Castle Erohring to find the “spell of the first daughter.”

Lorne and Varg leave the cave through a separate exit. Lorne scouts for the lost party members, but takes a misstep and almost loses his leg to a carnivorous mold.

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