Torchbearer AP (Session 18)

Date: 4/20/2023
Characters: Varg, Gerald

Varg and Gerald sit in a concealed camp, they can see the road across the bog. An injured acolyte in blood-stained robes is limping back to the tower – presumably a survivor of the ogre ambush. Varg and Gerald ambush the acolyte, killing him but both are injured in the conflict.

They strip the acolyte, taking his necklace. His skin is imbued with strange symbols. Varg looks at them and sees that they are a spell. He copies the spell into his spellbook – Wizards Aegis.

They scout around the tower, finding a hidden entrance in some boulders.

They continue around the tower, finding three corpses hanging out over the edge of the tower. Below them is a pit of gore, with bloody drag marks into the bog.

As they near the road, they hear horse hooves but fail to hide themselves. A black knight on a nightmare steed bears down on them with an ax in hand. Gerald tries to throw his spear, but he is injured and cannot land the blow. The nightmare steed tramples him to death.

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