Torchbearer AP (Session 19)

Date: 4/27/2023
Players: Varg, Lorne, Gerald, Ivy

Varg ran from the black knight, losing his way in the bog for a time before eventually returning to the camp. At the camp, he found Lorne sitting beside Ivy. Varg announced that Gerald was dead, and had been killed by the black rider. Soon thereafter, Gerald appeared beside the men. He had somehow survived the blow, but he seemed a fraction of his former self (Payed the Terrible Price).

Turn Six – Scout (versus roll – 5 dice) – Passed
The party scouted the road to ensure the path was clear, Gerald spotted the black rider but he was distracted by some screaming to the south. The party took advantage of this distraction to head north, wanting to make for Castle Erohring to recover the Spell of the First Daughter.

Turn Seven – Pathfinder (ob 5) – Failed
Lorne tried to guide the party to the castle, but the road was washed out and overgrown. They encountered poisonous snakes and foul monkey-creatures that threw stones. Eventually, they arrived at the outer wall of the castle but they had been made exhausted by their trek.

Set Camp: (Camp event: Wandering Monsters – 4 gnolls) – Pathfinder Test (Versus roll – 8 dice) – Passed
The party set a campfire at the base of the ruined castle wall, and set Lorne to watch. Lorne soon saw four gangly and furry humanoids wearing leather armor clamber through a section of ruined wall. Lorne distracted the gnolls, leading them into the bog and losing them in an encounter with the swamp apes.

Camp Rolls:
: Failed to recover from exhausted – rang his enchanted bell in the process
Ivy: Failed to recover from exhausted
Gerald: Attempted to sneak away from the group, but spotted by Lorne

Turn One – Series Roll of Health (versus roll – 3 dice) – All Passed
Rather than proceeding though the ruined wall, the party circumnavigated the castle until they encountered a deep chasm. A large tree had fallen across the chasm, landing on an upper balcony. A corpse was ensnared in vines below the balcony. The party members climbed the tree up to the balcony, the vines seemed to try to trip them up but they were able to avoid getting ensnared.

Turn Two – Scavenger Test (ob 2) – Failed
From the balcony, the party proceeded into a chamber that had a ruined four-post bed as well as a wooden chest and wardrobe. Ivy searched the wardrobe looking for fresh clothing, but instead found a pristine jewelry box. Bewitched, the opened the box and a otherworldly music started playing. A dry sand wind blew in through the door from the balcony, and when they looked towards that way – instead of seeing the bog they instead saw an infinite desert. The blue man stepped in from the balcony.

The blue man in a black white etching, a haggard old man with leathery skin.

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